arch. Kiril Sabchev
Site area: 20 000 m² 
Gross Floor Area: 75000 m²
The project is designed to explore and the potential of 5 private sites for manufacturing and warehousing usage for the development of residential complex.
Provided with high density complex is mainly for apartment housing with shops and offices in the lower floors. The complex includes an administrative building and a single-storey garage.
The maximal intentions of the owners affected the spatial decision. The project does not come to realization in any of the properties, although the altered master plan for residential and public service facilities construction. To the non- realization contributed the economic crisis, but especially the reluctance of the owners to unite in a common property where better to decide landscaping, parking, playgrounds, etc., as well as to have a few floors less and not so tight construction area and thus create a living environment with a higher standard.