Location: bul.”Tsar Simeon”, Tracia,  Plovdiv
Client : “Alex 2003” LTD
Site area: 1 905 m²
Gross Floor Area: 10 234 m² 
Office building on 11 levels – with low and high part. It is provided with two stairs and three lifts.
The basement houses an underground parking with 20 parking spaces. The complex is provided with a separate story-garage.
On the 1st floor are located: shop of appliances, entrance foyer and staircase to the second floor to the shop for hard and software, lobby with security - information and seating, two elevators and a staircase, administrative-business part of building service entrance, accessible entrance corridor and toilets - common access for disabled to the shop and the administrative part.
On the 2nd floor are located the shop for hard and software and cafeteria. On the 3rd floor there are eight offices, five of them in the upper part of the building and three in the lower part.
The roof above the shop floor is designed as a landscaped terrace. From this floor an external evacuation staircase begins that can be used from 3 to 11 floors.
On floors 4 to 10 are located six offices with the possibility to be merged together.
Floor 11 provides panoramic cafe with landscaped roof terrace.
The project has a building permit from 2007, but construction has not begun yet.