“ALEKSANDRA” family house
Client: Private owner
Site area - 770 m² 
Built up area - 162 м²
Gross Floor Area – 324 м²
Greenery Area – 405 м²
Car and pedestrian alleys – 202 m²
Car places – 2 cars

The property is on a steep terrain with a slope to the north, ranging up to 20% and with vehicular and pedestrian access from the existing road to the south. Therefore, the building is one-story facing the road and two-story to the north yard facing a nice view over the city of Plovdiv.
Double garage is located in the southeastern part of the building in a lower volume covered with a separate roof from the main residential area. Site development includes retaining walls, external stairs and alleys, all paved with gneiss with irregular shape. The building entrance is on the second floor to the street level. The entrance hall is connected with stairs to the first floor and three stairs up to the night area consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom and storage room. The open staircase goes down the entrance hall to level – 2,72. On this level is situated the first floor. The staircase leads directly into the living-room, in front of which a flat part of the garden is shaped – a covered porch on the north and northwest with a panoramic view over the city. In the southeast is located the kitchen as a separate room. An installation room and hallway are also designed. Under the garage and there are another bedroom and an office with a bathroom.
The building is designed as energy efficient using 15 cm. insulation for the external facade walls and 20 cm. insulation for the foundations.