Client: “ALEX 2003” LTD
Site area: 10 071 m² 
Built-up area: 3760 m²
Gross Floor Area: 24540 m²
Greenery Area: 4030 m²
Car and pedestrian alleys, parking: 2281 m²
Apartments and studios: 170
Parking: 214 cars
Shops and offices: 763 м² (30 jobs)
Inhabitants: 600 - 650
Residential complex "ALEX - BEL" is built in the southern part of the district "Belomorski". At the beginning of 2015 only one of the buildings with a total area of ​​4200 m2 was built.
The closed residential complexes, and especially detached from the compact city proved not to be attractive and desirable due to the lack of social infrastructure in the immediate vicinity and inside them. Where complexes are built with even minimal social infrastructure this requires prices to be relatively higher. The municipality does not fund transport, engineering and social infrastructure in the periphery of the city, although they should be doing it since they allowed the expansion of the city in a completely non-urbanized areas (in the agricultural fund)