“CHADARITE 1” apartment residential building
Client: Private owner
Site area: 1850 m² 
Built-up area: 619 m²
Gross Floor Area: 5501 m²
Greenery Area: 555 m²
Car and pedestrian alleys, parking: 676 m²
Apartments and studios: 32
Parking: 42 cars
Shops: 513 м² (12 jobs)
Inhabitants: 100 - 120
The presented project is a free-standing building of six floors, located on the crossroad of “Peshtersko shose" str. and "Elin Pelin" str. They are separated into two residential sections. The building is located on 12 meters from the boulevard, where the parking for the shops is situated.
The building consists of a basement garage for 32 cars and storages, the first floor with four shops, four residential floors and a roof terrace.
In the first section there are three apartments per floor from 68 to 121 m2, and the other section is with four apartments per floor with areas from 57 to 102 m2.