“CHORLU”  apartment residential building
Location: ”CHORLU” str., PLOVDIV SOUTH
Client: “INVEST КО” LTD.
Site area: 310 m² 
Built-up area: 271 m²
Gross Floor Area: 1617 m²
Greenery Area: 39 m²
Apartment and studios: 15
Shops: 99 м² (3 jobs)
Garages: 6
Inhabitants: 45 - 55
The presented project is a six-storey building. To the south is boul. "N.Vaptcarov", to the east is str. "Chorlu" and to the north is the yard. To the west is the wall of the neighboring property. Three stores are facing the boulevard. The building entrance is from the str. "Chorlu”. The building consists of a basement, first floor with shops, four residential floors with three apartments per floor and a roof terrace floor, including three studios.
Apartments and studios are with areas from 50 to 85m2.