“DENIS” apartment residential building
Client: Private owner
Site area: 330 m² 
Built-up area: 236 m²
Gross Floor Area: 1768 m²
Greenery Area: 59 m²
Pedestrian alleys: 35 m²
Apartments: 8
Shops, fitness, cafe: 569 м² (10 jobs)
Inhabitants: 35 - 45
Proposed design for a seven-storey building with two-storey nonresidential part. Orientation of the building is north – south to boul. "Kn.Mariya Louise" and two turbot.
It consists of a basement, first and second nonresidential floor, four residential floors and one roof terrace floor. The building includes 7 suites on floors 3, 4, 5, 6 with areas from 87 to 114 m2, a penthouse on floors 6 and 7 with an area 189 m2, storages for the apartments, fitness of 162 m2 in the basement, shops of 193 m2 on the ground floor and cafe of 214 m2 on the second floor. Parking is outside the property.