“DON”  apartment residential building
Location: ”DON” str., PLOVDIV
Client: Private owner
Site area: 340 m² 
Built-up area: 178 m²
Gross Floor Area: 1134 m²
Greenery Area: 55 m²
Car and pedestrian alleys: 107 m²
Apartments and studios: 9
Parking: 7 cars
Inhabitants: 30 - 40
The presented project is a freestanding building of five floors and a roof terrace. This is one of the few cases where we had the chance to design in the center of the city a residential building with finished appearance with four facades.
Freestanding buildings (four facades) hardly can be built in the provided plans for neighborhood development of the central areas.
The building consists of a basement, first floor with garages and workshops, four residential floors and a roof terrace. The building includes 7 apartments and stores for them in the basement, 2 studios and 4 garages.
The project envisages two apartments on floors 2, 3, 4 with areas from 72 to 105 m2, and a penthouse with an area of ​​183 m2 on the fifth floor and roof terrace. There are landscaped roof terraces at indentation of the second, fourth and subsequent floors.