Site area: 11 000 m² 
Built-up area: 2783 m²:
Family houses: 2226 м²
Apartments block: 557 м²
Gross Floor Area: 10 300 m²:
Family houses: 7443 м² - 41 houses
Apartments block: 2857 м² - 24 apartments
Greenery Area: 4900 m²
Car and pedestrian alleys: 3317 m²
Underground parking and services: 4100 м²
Parking: 111 cars
Inhabitants: 200 – 250
A project of competition for the residential complex in SVERTINGSTAD GARD near the Norwegian "oil capital" Stavanger.
The developer plans to build a functional and energy-efficient buildings, creating residential areas with affordable housing for couples, small and large families living all together in one neighborhood.
The site plan with the exact location and size of the buildings is preset by the investor and not subject of the competition. We have only made a change of the underground level and the decision of the park - the recreational part of the complex. The project is for 41 single-family houses and one four-storey apartment building with 24 apartments. Parking is entirely underground for a total of 111 cars. For each of the single-family buildings and apartments are provided two places for bicycles. The buildings are designed and with the possibility of placing platforms for disabled people.