“FIRST HOME- B” complex - 9 family houses
author: arch. Daniela Tsonkova
Client: Private owner
Site area: 690 м2 - 800 м² 
Built up area: 106 м² 
Gross Floor Area: 182 м²
Greenery Area: 400 м² - 500 м²
Car places: 2cars

The complex consists of 9 single family houses divided into two types - A and B.
The intention of the investor was to create houses with a minimum build-up and gross floor area of ​​the so-called type buildings ‘first home’ - for young families. The terrain is divided into separate estates. The design process had several stages with different functional schemes and floors. In the conceptual project we included one-story buildings as well. One of the versions is shown here. In this version on the first floor are located the living area with kitchen, technical room, bathroom and a small bedroom. The interior staircase leads to the hallway on the second floor, where three bedrooms with bathrooms are placed. The buildings are designed for rapid construction, the roof is flat, and above the garage on the first floor there is an open veranda. A pergola is attached to the garage with a possibility to park a second car.