“GERGANA”      4 family houses
author: arch. Daniela Tsonkova
Client: Private owner
Site area: 3250 m² 
Built up area: 2 х 142 м²   + 2 х 215 м²
Gross Floor Area: 2 x 427 м² + 2 x 495 м²
Greenery Area:1556 м²
Car and pedestrian alleys: 980 m²
Car places: 8

Four single family houses located in four separate properties, but without built fence structure between them and with a common entrance and exit, organizing the site as a small residential complex, which was a pleasure and a challenge for us as designers. Pair by pair the buildings are with "mirrored" plans. The houses located in the northern part of the property have a living area open to the inner yard space and a small bedroom that can be used as a study room as well. On the second floor are located three bedrooms with separate bathrooms and wardrobe. A partial basement is designed, on turbot are situated the garages, each of them for 2 cars.
The houses located in the higher – southern part of the terrain include a living-room and kitchen, terraced area for fitness and technical rooms, two bedrooms on the second floor with separate bathrooms and wardrobes. The attic spaces are designed as open-space study rooms, facing north - with beautiful views over the city. Here you can see one of the versions developed during the design process and construction.