“NINA” family house
author: arch. Daniela Tsonkova
Client: Private owner
Site area - 1200 m² 
Built up area - 263 м²
Gross Floor Area – 263 м²
Greenery Area – 509 м²
Car and pedestrian alleys – 120 m²
Car places – 2 cars

A house designed after initial "sketches" created by the owner and regarding the traditional town house with ornamentation typical for the main street of the city and ‘Ivan Vazov’ Str., but with a minimalist approach. Two-story building without a basement. On the first floor there are a living area and separate kitchen with dining room. The two daily parts are connected through the entrance hall, shaped like a vestibule, from which a one-rail staircase provides access to the second floor. There are two children bedrooms with separate bathrooms and a master bedroom with a bathroom, dressing room and a technical room. This is an example of a project where the lady - owner of the house took an active part in the design process, which in turn was a pleasure for us.