IP computer company
Location: Reykjavík, ICLAND
Client: Private owner
Site area:  6 290 m² 
Built up area: 1000 m²
Gross Floor Area:  8030 m²
Interior design area: 1780 m²
The building is existing. Our project includes new urban planning, optimization of the property, new facade, reconstruction with partial change of function and the interior of two floors. In the reorganization three areas are mainly designed as interior.
In open-space office area we offer general lighting with built-in round lighting areas as only above the work places we put spot lights.
In the reception area, coffee break and meeting room cassette ceiling with integrated lighting in the cartridges is designed.
As a material for interior finishes we plan the panels and strips of laminated - on walls, plasterboard ceiling tiles and laminate flooring.
In the northern part of the second floor of the building, near the coffee break are located the boardroom and offices of closed type - from 4 to 8 people, a server room and ventilation, ensuring the north wing on the floor.
In the southern part, next to the reception are the open-office handling 20 to 28 people with a connection to the green roof terrace above the restaurant, conference and presentation rooms, as well as ventilation and service room.