“RAKOVSKA”  apartment residential building
Location: ”RAKOVSKI” str., PLOVDIV
under construction from 2015
Site area: 230 m² 
Built-up area: 154 m²
Gross Floor Area: 961 m² / 1199 м² with bacement
Greenery Area: 84 m²
Apartments: 9
Parking: 9 cars
Inhabitants: 30 - 40

It consists of a subterranean level, a ground, non-residential level with garages, four residential floors, a terraced level and a mansard. The building contains 9 apartments with storage rooms and 5 garages, 3 of which are double-decker. The architectural plan foresees a standard solution for a structure with 2 end-walls with an entrance to the inner courtyard and the entrance to the building, 2 flats for each of the floors from 2 to 5 and a maisonette on the terraced and mansard floors. The flats' square surface varies from 60 to 85 sq.m. The fourth and above floors are planned to have green roof terraces. The building has a monolithic concrete pour construction and standard brick masonry on the facade and barrier walls. The facade is carried out as bearing walls with double stacked masonry of 12cm. and 10cm. insulation inbetween.