Site area : 150 000 m² 
Gross Floor Area: 250 000 m²
The main function of the building is an Exposition Center. All inputs and axes in the building are meaningfully targeted for the purpose of the exhibition center. One exhibition center is inside and the other is outside, on top of the roof. The front part passes in the exhibition, which is interweaving of permanent and temporary exhibitions, as some groups provide the opportunity to be separated with mobile walls. At level one is the access to the conference hall with 250 seats. The required classrooms are located in the southern part of the building, the school playground can be used both from the students and the visitors of the conference hall and exhibition part.
On the exhibition "Street" in the building is situated a separate screening room for 100 seats. By designing a planetarium on the roof we predetermine it to be reached not only by visitors and students, but also by residents of the campus, who while taking a walk in the "Garden of science" along the "Alley of Science" will be able to enjoy the interesting performances in the planetarium. Around it in the park are "scattered" sites for outdoor exhibits.
Flowing together the "Garden of science" with the Square S-circus "SCIENCE AND ART" into this space we put the plastic, reflecting the rise of science.
Over the green roof plane smooth hills-shaped roofs are designed covering the restaurant part and the multifunctional classroom, in the interstices of the panels the natural sun-light will flow into the building.