Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
arch. Kiril Sabchev
Site area: 5300 m2
covered area: 360 m2
We present a fragment of the project for the central square of the city in connection with the selection of the city as European Capital of Culture 2019.
The project is divided into 7 stages (fragments) for the implementation of the territory - subject of the competition.
The 7th fragment called "GLADSTON WEST" is an exterior exhibition area for exquisite art, sculpture and photography.
We have proposed a low-budget renovation of existing alleys and landscaping, partial coverage, new benches, exhibition boards, information boards and other elements of urban design.
Under the terms of reference of the competition we have chosen terrain with fully public municipal property that can really be fulfilled before 2019.
In other parts of the central square archaeological excavations are to be carried out and/or at least to develop conceptual plans for restoration and conservation, which can’t be completed by 4-5 years, given that it will impose procedures and amendments of the current plans for regulation and/or construction.