“MARKOVO - KONU DERE”  - " A" 4 family houses
author: arch. Kiril Sabchev, arch. Tsonkova
Client: Private owner
Site area: 2999 м² 
Total built-up area: 4 x 173,15 m² (Buildings) + 167,40 m² (covered parking lots)
Gross Floor Area: 4 x 173,15 м²(family houses) + 167,40 м² (covered parking lots)
Landscaped areas: 1688 m²
Car and pedestrian walkways, fence, outside stairs: 805.68 m²

A complex of four single-family residential buildings with a parking lot. Despite the uniformity of the buildings, they have a different situational position and development of the free courtyard, and also the possibility that there may be some permissible changes in the course of construction depending on the particular client-occupant.
The property is designed for a residential function. It is situated on a terrain with a north slope on average about 9% (displacement 12.00 m at an average depth of 132 m) and is with transport and pedestrian access from the road to the north of the property connecting the village of Markovo and the village of Purvenets.
It is planned to build a fence, as a small part of the plot remains outside the fence for the shaping of the road and pedestrian entrance in the northwestern part of the property and the location of the traf.
A car and pedestrian promenade has been developed along the western border of the property, providing four identical residential buildings and four identical parking sheds. The slope and the great depth of the property make it possible for the residential buildings to be at a great distance from each other, which contributes to the good comfort of living, as well as "opens up" a good view of the city of Plovdiv in the direction north-northeast. There is a separate yard for each building in a regulated plot - a residential building and a parking lot.
The entrance of the residential buildings is from the west and the staircase is in the northwest corner of the building. The living room is facing south, north and east. The kitchen is possible to be separated from the living room or be in one space. To the north of the living room there is a veranda with a functional connection to the kitchen. On the first floor there are also a toilet and two warehouses. The size of the porch and the covered barbecue area are the difference in buildings type A and B. On the second floor there are three bedrooms. One has a separate bathroom, a closet and a balcony. The other two bedrooms have a common balcony, toilet and bathroom - shower cabin.
For building type B, different versions of the sanitary facilities have been developed, which also reflect the area of ​​the bedrooms. Each of the four residential buildings contains:
On the 1st floor (elevation ± 0.00) with an area of ​​84,48 m2 - living room, kitchen, ladder and entrance hall, toilet, two storage rooms, veranda,
On the 2nd floor (elevation + 2.89) with an area of ​​88.67 m2 - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with toilets, staircase, corridor, closet, 2 balconies.
Each building is designed for four occupants and has a built-up area of ​​173.15 m2The sheds for parking for two cars and a barbecue have a total built-up area of ​​41.85 m2.