“D-ARK STUDIO” executes complex urban planning, investment researches and architectural design of all kinds of buildings and complexes, expert evaluation of property and consulting services for ascertaining the statute and the potential of the real estate, interior design.
1.1.  Evaluation of the potential of the estate
- construction potential – construction statute, presence or necessity of a new plan for site planning and/or building construction.
- status and potential for the development of transport communication and  supplying net.
1.2.  Procedure of modification or new construction:
-  regulation/site planning and building construction plans
-  working structural plans, new property outline with visa
-  transport communication, traffic organization
-  water-supply, system of sewers/drains, electricity supply, heat-supply, gas-supply, etc.
1.3.  Conception projects and construction researches
1.4.  Plan tasks, economic ground, investment projects
1.5.  Architectural – conceptual, technical and working plans
1.6.  Interior design
1.7.  Specification, details
1.8.  Organization and coordination of the engineers
1.9.  Contacts and work with instance, authorities and supervisory companies
1.10. Supervision during construction, consulting and co-ordination during the whole construction process
1.11. Reconstruction, reorganization, working documentation.
2. Engineers’ services
we work with during the construction planning
2.1.   Structural engineering
2.2.   Transport communication
2.3. Electricity supply and electricity network
2.4. Water-supply and systems of sewers/drains
2.5. Heat-supply, ventilation, air-conditioning
2.6.   Fire-extinguishing and fire-notification
2.7.   Geodesy
2.8.   Hydro-geology
2.9.   Park and landscape planning
2.11. Full project documentation
Urban design URBAN DESIGN

If you are looking to explore and purchase a real estate or have already purchased (own) one with the purpose of constructing a single building or complex of buildings for private use or business development, we can help you in both cases.
Establishing the urban planning status - opportunities for volume-spatial and functional content of a future new or reconstruction of an existing building is good to know before you purchase a property/plot/land.
If you already own a property and want to raise its price to establish a more advantageous development status, then in both cases our work is similar.
- Assess the potential of the property which generally contains of:
- Establish the presence of valid plan or necessity/possibility of a new development plan (regulation and/or construction plan) for the region where the site is situated
- Identify opportunities for future development - functional usage, built-up area and expectable gross floor area
- Assess the state of completeness and development opportunities and further development of transport communications (streets and parking lots) and supply networks (electricity, water, sewer, gas, etc.)
2. Designing projects – new or amendments:
- Plans for regulation and development,
-  Operating Plans,
- Proposals for new sketches with visas
- Volume-spatial planning studies
to change the purpose functionally and/or optimization of opportunities for property development
These studies on urban level often evolve into the next level - conceptual design of the buildings. This helps the owner/developer/client to clarify for themselves the investment program, the economic justification and planning of reference for the future construction site.

If you need a project for new residential, public and industrial buildings, shopping centers and malls, hotels, spa and wellness centers, hostels, hospices, polyclinic and hospital complexes, office (administrative) buildings, restaurants, shops, industrial and grocery warehouses, car services, petrol and gas stations, exhibition halls and art galleries, nursery, study halls, gardens, schools, universities and specialized schools and colleges, apartment buildings and residential blocks, family houses, villas, etc. etc… we can design projects in all parts required for the issuance of a building permit.
If you need a project for reconstruction, rehabilitation, repair and renovation, change of use (function) of any building or part of a building, we can also design projects in all parts required for the issuance of a building permit.
Dear Employer, to begin designing a construction project, you should provide a sketch of the property from the Cadastre Agency (AGCC) or sketch of the property from the municipality (for settlements without cadastral map) and possibly a visa for research and design. The visa is not always a necessarily needed document, but in most cases you won’t be able to sign preliminary contracts for connecting your property to water companies and electricity distribution companies, unless you present a visa.
Interior design INTERIOR DESIGN

If you need A PROJECT FOR INTERIOR DESIGN of your family house, apartment, office, restaurant, shop, etc. If you like a particular interior style or have different ideas, but do not know how to combine them, you want to see your ideas depicted in a drawing and 3D images to illustrate their aesthetic qualities and realization potential or even if you have no ideas - we will offer you a variety of options and together we will reach the best solution. Because we firmly believe that the spaces we inhabit - live, work and relax in, form the quality of our life, so it is important to plan them well.