Location: TOKYO, JAPAN
Site area:  400 m² 
Gross Floor Area: 5 144 m² 
In recent decades, Japan has become the leading society of design and manufacturing, which has successfully united Western science and technology with the Asian philosophy and history. Japanese design provides services in all aspects of modern life, but still remains a visual mean of expressing universal truths and cultural values, with unique sensitivity and combinations.
Japan has contributed to the enhancement and improvement of human life beyond all boundaries, from the design of everyday objects to the most sophisticated technology, and thus has become an example of first-class design.
This architectural competition required the design of a 100-meter high tower containing exposition of fashion history of the twentieth century and harmonized with modern Japanese architecture to be a symbol of avant-garde and daring to become the landmark of Tokyo. The property is located on Omotesando Str. The basic program is the museum to be developed on an area of ​​4000 m². Seeking connection with the surrounding buildings - the best fashion houses in the world, so that the building and its tour to become a must visit destination for the tourists of Tokyo.